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Time to Celebrate!

Dear Campus Life Friends,

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Did you hear a bunch of celebrating in heaven a couple of weeks ago? You should have! One of our Adventure Club students asked Jesus to be her personal savior and committed her life to following Him. There was joy in the presence of the angels of God–imagine that–as one of our ministry directors walked this girl through the plan of salvation and prayed with her. What a win for the kingdom–Praise God! Please pray for this young one, that her faith will grow and be strengthened, and that she will be protected from the enemy.

Many other great activities are also going on here every week at Campus Life for young and old. Everything from outreach and evangelism to discipleship–it’s all happening here and now. This month we continue with our student club programs, Bible studies for all ages (child through adult), leadership & teacher development, home visits, overnight events for middle school and high school girls, one-on-one meetings, mentoring, and wonderful senior adult events. These activities keep us very busy here, AND WE FEEL BLESSED to be a part of this.

People’s lives are being challenged. People’s lives are being changed. People are growing in their faith. And it’s because of people like you that we are able to help people on a regular basis through challenging and difficult life stages. As followers and ambassadors of Christ, it is our duty and responsibility to come alongside our friends and neighbors sharing the love of God and our hope in Christ. That’s what we are doing here at Campus Life–everyday. Thank you for your help keeping this ministry vibrant and alive. We appreciate you so much. However, March is also historically a very tough month for us from a financial standpoint. Not sure why, we just know it is. Please remember, you are needed. We need your prayers and we need your donations. Your partnership with us in the ministry allows us to continue to reach out into the community and share the Good News of Salvation to a hurting world. May God bless all of you as you have been, and are, a blessing to the ministry of Campus Life.

Serving together,

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