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Welcome, Anna!

Campus Life has a new intern, so join us in welcoming Anna TenPas to our staff! Anna will be assisting with programming for young children, including Kingdom Kids, which is targeted at children 2-8 years old, and Adventure Club, geared for grades 3-5. Anna, 17, has been a participant at Campus Life for the past seven years, joining the middle school program, at that time called TNT. “My older brother went to Campus Life,” she said. “My parents made my older brother go, but once he started liking it, we all wanted to go.” Growing up in Campus Life meant friends and a solid foundation for her faith. “It’s different from other youth groups because it focused more on Jesus where other groups focused more on fun, and you felt that from the start,” said Anna.

Homeschooled, Anna found in her high school years she still had a need for the mentorship that she received through Campus Life, and specifically Summer Wittneben, who also became a good friend. “I think everyone should have that person whether they realize it or not.”

Whether it was the example of her mom as a teacher or her good experiences growing up in Campus Life, Anna now wants to give back through teaching and mentorship.

“I want to focus on getting to know them,” she said. “I want this to be an honest and open place where we can talk about Jesus and what’s going on in their lives.”

Currently in her senior year, Anna said that she didn’t have as many opportunities to witness because of being homeschooled, but that she’s still ministry-minded and is considering ministry or teaching for when she goes to college. And that kids will be center of whatever she plans to do.

“I just love working with kids,” she said. “Kids give me a lot of joy. They’re so carefree.”

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