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manos de canela [This is a compilation of some of the reviews, quotes and forum discussions which have appeared on from time to time. Many thanks to the contributors.We are in the process of building up a picture of what our visitors like to read or talk about. Our aim is to make this site a valuable resource for our visitors and to help Bambino and his staff increase the quality of their releases. This is Bambino.] The latest album by Claudia Bonfanti contains thirteen songs in which the singer reveals her adventurous nature. In some songs she takes a romantic stance while she often attacks men in her songs in a provocative and cool way. Her melodic voice is captivating. She uses it to excel on each and every track. The producer works perfectly on the songs. They are as if inspired by Borsalino and Rufus Wainwright. The sounds are always pleasant and memorable. This album is a great one which the fans of Claudia Bonfanti will love. Such a beautiful woman such a sweet and bubbling voice, please join me on a nice ride of music and we will look for the time of that world which we love. Who will listen? Claudia Bonfanti for you. Thank you so much for such a beautiful review of this CD. I would like to thank you for your time and for listening to the album. I hope that you enjoyed it and I can now count on your opinion. Like this: The two single releases which came before “Come si fa?” kept us all on our toes. This time we have a collection of 12 songs, and they are all fabulous. Each song is interesting. No song is just the same. From the world of life, to the emotions, to the expectations, to the pleasures and to the sadness, one can hear many things in the songwriting of Gianluca Musolino. There are moments of great tenderness and heart warming, but this is not the only mood in the album. The songs are divided into 4 different sections, like a kaleidoscope. We will go through them one by one, beginning with the first one. “Ai tuoi sogni” tells the story of a young man who is a terrible dreamser. He is constantly tormented by his dreams of becoming someone famous and by the




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Descargar Bambino Discografia yanullr
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