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“Of the three rules which are laid down … you may find many that observe the first rule, namely, ‘Gain all you can.’ You may find a few that observe the second, ‘Save all you can.’ But, how many have you found that observe the third rule, ‘Give all you can’?" – John Wesley

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Leave a Legacy

Christ's example to us during his life was one of selflessness and giving. Campus Life of Sheboygan County relies on charitable giving to give back to our community through our ministries. There are many ways for you to come alongside CampusLife and aid us in this ministry.
For those who see the value in the ministries at Campus Life, a charitable gift may be a regular occurrence. Others may choose to pass on assets after their death, in addition to, or sometimes in place of, passing on assets to family members.
The options for charitable giving within an estate plan are varied. One option is to make a gift at death through a will or trust, which would then reduce the amount of the donor’s estate, and thus any estate taxes that would need to be paid.


Gifts of Stock

Giving stock that has been held more than 12 months, offers a two-fold tax savings: a tax-deduction for the full fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift and capital gains may be avoided. For stock transfer information contact us at 920-457-2381.

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In Honor Gifts

Make traditional gift-giving occasions particularly meaningful. Whether it is Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s Day, a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or other occasion, consider a donation to Campus Life in lieu of gifts. All gift donations will be acknowledged through a personal card to the one the gift was given in honor of.

Memorial Candle

In Memory Gifts

Honor the memory of your loved one by making a gift in their name. All memorial gifts will be acknowledged through a personal card to the family of your loved one.


IRA Charitable Giving

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) owners over age 70½ may make a transfer of up to $100,000 per year to qualified charities, including Campus Life. IRA charitable giving is tax-free and not included in adjusted gross income. An IRA charitable gift may fulfill part or all of your annual required minimum distribution (RMD).

Three Generations


Planned Gifts/Bequests allow your values to continue beyond your lifetime. These gifts are typically made through your will or estate plan, and allows you to designate a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate to Campus Life. A gift such as these showcases your values to your heirs and may reduce the amount of your taxable estate.

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