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A Pre-Covid Remembrance of Juvi Jail

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

by Sara-Jean Litke I think what I enjoy most about this ministry is that no visits are ever the same. You never know what to expect, but it is evident that God is moving in the hearts of the kids.

For example, I first met Aaron (not his real name) at the beginning of December, and boy did he need some Jesus. He came in sat down and before we even started you could tell he didn’t want to be there. He started making some comments about the devil and how he worships him, and the Bible is junk. Before he took over, I just stopped him and told him he could go back to his cell if he didn’t want to be here and talk about the Bible, but if he wanted to stay he needed to be quiet. So, he stayed, arms crossed, but he was quiet. I don’t know if heard anything, but something was different about him the next week. This time, he came in with a Bible and asked a question about how powerful God is and how to cast out demons. So, we talked about that, and he opened his Bible and read some verses. Still a little squirrely, but better. Then the following week he asked more questions and was highlighting verses in his Bible. Now to you, these small increments might not seem much but if you could be in the room, you would see God’s hand moving in Aaron’s heart. -- Currently, our Juvenile Jail ministry is on hiatus at the behest of the Juvenile Detention Center due to the concerns related to Covid-19. Outside groups are not permitted to go into the JDC at the time, similarly with assisted living facilities. The correctional officers that we've dealt with have been extremely kind and we appreciate their efforts.

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