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Get Broken

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted. And saves those who are crushed in spirit. –Psalm 34:18

Dear Campus Life Friends –

Awhile back I was chatting with a young woman who wanted to volunteer here at Campus Life. She was telling me about her faith walk when she made the comment, “I just needed to get broken.” She continued, “As a young person I would run away, get into trouble, get arrested, get out, runaway again. I just kept trying to do things my own way, and it wasn’t working out. It wasn’t until I was truly broken that I surrendered my life to Jesus, and that has made all the difference in the world.” It sure has. She is now an on-fire Christ follower, eager to share her faith and live her faith out loud for everyone to hear and see. It just took her getting broken. I bet many of you can relate to this. I sure can! We need to get past ourselves, our wants, our desires and totally, completely surrender to Jesus. What did it take for you to be broken? How deep did you have to go? But isn’t it great to know that God doesn’t leave us in our brokenness? Just like Jonah, God reaches down into the depths, lifts us up, and sets us on solid ground, His ground. Praise God for Him lovingly breaking us and drawing us, and all people, to Him. Just like He did for this woman. I think that she is going to be an AWESOME volunteer.

The 2022 Campus Life Father Daughter Ball is totally SOLD OUT. More than 520 dads and daughters will be participating during the four night event. Please pray that this quality time for dads and daughters would bless and strengthen (and in some cases repair) their relationship with each other, and further strengthen families as a whole. This will be our 12th Father Daughter Ball, and it will be just as awesome as the first, way back in 2010. How many lives have been touched by this event, how many relationships mended? Only God knows, but it sure is exciting to know that He is at work.

There are also many other great things going on every week here at Campus Life. Consider getting involved in one of our Bible studies or maybe our events for senior adults. We truly do have something for everyone, and that includes you! Thank you for being a part of the continuing miracle and continuing journey of Campus Life. We need and appreciate all that you do for the ministry. Please continue to pray for us and donate as you are able. We are in this together as we help people move one step closer to Jesus.

Making a difference in people’s lives - together,

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