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Like Iron Sharpens Iron

by Sara-Jean Litke Growth can be hard at times, uncomfortable even. I think our leadership team is understanding this full well. We challenge them and push them out of their comfort zones regularly. We assign homework, which they sometimes grumble at, and we stress that it’s for their benefit. When they don’t do it, we have to gently (something I am working on) tell them that it’s not okay and encourage them to finish it. I think some don’t see how the assignments translate to what they are doing in the different clubs or will help them minister to those in their lives. So, it’s always encouraging when one of them comes back a week later after an assignment and says, “It’s worth doing because this actually happened!”

One week, I gave them an assignment: practice using Gospel illustrations or cards for sharing the Gospel. They had to practice with six different people, sharing the Gospel, and it could be with family members and other believers. When I collected their homework the following week, only half of the group turned in their completed assignment. I wanted to lecture them, but instead I had one of the students share a story from the past week. Her story was that one of her non-believing friends asked her to lunch and then started asking her questions about her faith. Right there in the middle of McDonalds, she used one of the illustrations we had talked about, the bridge method, to share the Gospel. Now, her friend didn’t put his faith in Christ right then and there, but because she was willing, she planted a seed. This story got the attention of the group, and I think they realized that this can really happen and that they need to be ready. Pray that they would be ready and willing to share the Gospel outside the walls of Campus Life.

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