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Meet our volunteer Jackie Zimmerman!

Are you a ministry consumer or a ministry producer?

That’s the question that shook Jackie Zimmerman during a college-aged Bible Study that she attended at Campus Life more than 8 years ago. Since she was a teenager, Jackie had been participated in the big events: camps, sleepovers and skate parties. As an adult, she went to the Bible studies, but that question­–was she a consumer or a producer?–drew her out of her comfort zone. She began volunteering for Crossover, the Campus Life ministry targeted at grades 6th-12th.

“I get the sense that I’m making a difference,” said Jackie. “I get to be a small part of their journey, their walk with Christ. It’s fun to watch them grow up. It also helps me grow and keeps me accountable. I have to practice what I preach.”

Jackie had seen effective volunteering modeled before her in her parents, who were volunteers in the 70s and 80s. Jackie also remembers the strong example of Christian behavior her parents set.

“My dad has really led by example. Every morning, I’d see him at the table reading his Bible, and after dinner, he’d do devotions,” she said. Jackie’s interaction with students confirms that leading by example pave the way for students to grow in Christ. “The more time you spend with students, the more they stay [in Campus Life],” she said. “My push this year has been to get more intentional with students.” With Covid-19 shutting down Crossover for a few months, Jackie’s push to be more intentional took different forms than normally, but she said it paid off and it helped her realize how much influence she has. “Most all of the students I personally invited to the re-opening of Crossover showed up,” she said. Volunteers are always needed at Campus Life. Jackie encourages you to talk with Jim or Denise, the executive directors at Campus Life, to find a way for you to plug in and join her in being a ministry producer. “Jesus said the work is heavy and the workers are few. It is a commitment,” she said. “You have to be intentional with the time you’ve been given. What you prioritize shows what you value.”

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