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The Power of a Phone Call

by Rachel Roethel I had the privilege of calling over two dozen people to remind them about their cookie pick up for the Taste of Christmas. I called one lady and asked how she was doing. After greeting me she said that she was not doing well. I then proceeded to ask what was going on and to see how I could help in any way. She began to tell about how she is taking care of her husband who is having some more health concerns that need additional care and how tiring this has been for her. She is just so exhausted and sad all at the same time. I then asked if she had a support system and if there was anyone to help with the load. She shared about her kids helping and that she was thankful for them. I then asked if I could pray with her and I did, and she was so thankful for that little prayer and the phone call. God’s timing is perfect and if we just take a couple minutes here and there to slow down and see where we can join Him in His work, God’s light would spread more quickly.

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