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A Special Visitor

I was on my way back to Campus Life a couple of weeks ago, late in the afternoon, when I got a call from one of our staff people, “Jim, we have a special visitor.” I arrived a few minutes later to find one of our former students, his wife and their young child. Brian (not his real name) had returned after being away for probably 10 years. He came to Christ right after high school, but really struggled with alcohol and a number of other issues. We worked with him for years, walked with him through many fires, and answered late night phone calls from this drunk and broken man. Eventually he moved away. Brian always seemed to be wrestling with God and trying to fight his demons in his own strength and power, and it did not work. If there was a hard way to do things, Brian was going to do it that way. However, a few years ago he contacted me, wanting to let me know that he and his wife were now plugged into a church and that he was free from the alcohol. Honestly, I was very skeptical. However, having him and his family showing up at Campus Life, seeing his face, his attitude, and just the way he engaged with his family convinced me – he’s a changed man. PRAISE GOD! Do you know someone like Brian? Pray for them. Reach out to them. Lean into the messiness of their lives. Maybe they can be a Brian, and maybe you can play an important part of helping them find the Savior. You are the hands and feet of Christ, and that is a blessing.

Things are moving along nicely here at Campus Life. September was a great month with

programs, Bible studies, and, for our senior adults, a new program Spice of Life. Participation

has been good with most people comfortable engaging in person again. Masks are a pain, but

we do what we have to do in order to preach the Gospel. The weather has been awesome which

has allowed us to have many of our programs for children and teenagers outside (it’s just

getting a bit dark now). The only things that we still cannot do are our juvenile jail ministry

and our outreach into the assisted living facilities. Please pray that those doors will soon open.

Thanks for being a part of this continuing miracle and continuing journey of Campus Life.

Thank you for praying for us, encouraging us, and financially supporting this local outreach

ministry. Everything we do is ministry driven and we couldn’t do it without you. God continues

to open doors of opportunity, and we faithfully walk through those doors. God is doing an

amazing work, even in the midst of this pandemic, and you are a part of it. Thy will be done

Lord, now and always. Blessings to you all.


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