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Bind Up the Brokenhearted

Dear Campus Life Friends,

Not too many people are excited about going to jail, but when we found out that we could start going back into juvi. jail we were ecstatic. What a huge answer to prayer after more than a year's absence. However, the excitement of being able to show the love of Christ to these kids was quickly subdued when, at our first meeting in the detention center, one of the inmates shared how life is better for him in jail rather than out of jail. The reality of messed up parents, a broken foster system, a lack of general support and love, and the true dangers that these kids face everyday came crashing in. It reminds us of how difficult things can be for some of our area youth. How hopeless many of them feel. And how it is only going to be through the miraculous intervention of God and the work of the Holy Spirit, that things are ever going to get better for these kids. We're thankful to begin additional Bible studies and church services over the next few months, but please continue to pray that these young lives will be touched. That their hearts will be softened, and that many will come to saving faith in Jesus. Some of these kids are in a very dark place, but the battle for the Lord continues.

We are so ready for spring and summer. School year club programs are coming to an end, while at the same time we are gearing up for all of the great summer activities beginning soon. Our first annual Campus Life Kite Festival is only a little over a month away. And excitement is growing as plans for the 50th anniversary celebration and annual fundraising auction come together. Check out our newsletter and website for more details. You can be involved. No matter where you are at in your faith and life, there's a place for you at Campus Life.

Thank you to everyone who helps keep Campus Life going. A special thank you to those who helped us through our Centurion appeal. We surpassed our $15,000 goal to get us back on track with our 2021 budget - Praise God! We are humbled by your generosity. Thank you for being a part of this continuing miracle and journey with Campus Life, as we continue to help people move one step closer to Jesus. May God bless you.

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