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Building Stronger Family Bonds

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Dear Campus Life Friends,

The 12th Annual Father Daughter Ball is now history. WOW! We plan for months, and then it’s over in a little more than a week. It’s hard to believe that all four nights were sold out, well before the event, with over 520+ dads and daughters participating. This event was created to be a wholesome, quality and memorable activity, all designed to build into that important father daughter relationship. Again, this year, it did not disappoint. During those four nights I had the opportunity to watch as dads spoke words of encouragement and love to their daughters, and daughters were blessed by the time dedicated just for them. I know that some family dynamics are difficult. Separation, divorce, and other situations have put a huge strain on some of those relationships. We see those situations every day at Campus Life. But, as difficult as life sometimes is, the Father Daughter Ball is something positive, encouraging and meaningful for all of the girls/women participating, and for their dads as well. We hear it in the words of appreciation from dads, we see it in the eyes of their daughters. Just one more way that Campus Life is building into the youth and families of Sheboygan County.

I need a favor from you. Would you please pray for a young man named Thomas (not his real name)? We met him in juvi. jail and shared the gospel with him. God is at work in him, and changing him for the good. He’s facing some serious time, but maybe that’s what it took for God to get his attention. He is reading his Bible and asking some fantastic questions as we continue to share the love of Christ with him and the other inmates. Pray for his well- being and that God will work in AMAZING ways in his life - in jail or out of jail. Thank you for your prayers on his behalf.

Many other great activities are also going on here every week at Campus Life. This month we continue with our student club programs, Bible studies for all ages (child through adult), leadership development program, juvenile jail outreach, a wonderful senior luncheon and Senior Connect events. These are all blessings and they keep us very busy here.

However, March is also historically a very tough month for us from a financial standpoint. Not sure why, we just know it is. Please remember, you are needed and appreciated. We need your prayers and we need your donations. Your partnership with us in the ministry allows us to continue to reach out into the community and share the Good News of Salvation to a hurting world. Thank you for all that you do. May God bless all of you as you have been, and are, a blessing to the ministry of Campus Life.

Serving together,

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