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February 2021 Ministry Update Letter

“How can we help people move one step closer to Jesus?” This was the question that I posed recently to a group that had gathered to explore long-term ministry opportunities for Campus

Life. During that time we came up with a number of great ideas which I am excited to share

with you down the road a bit. However, the question how can we help people move one step

closer to Jesus, is a question that we should all be asking ourselves regularly. A really good

example of this was shared by a Campus Life student with one of our ministry staff recently.

This student was hanging out with a friend when they began to talk about religion. Her friend

does not yet have a personal relationship with Jesus. So, the student began to tell them about

her experience, and what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. She said that their

conversation lasted for probably an hour, just going back and forth, talking about who God is

and what the Bible tells us about Him.

“Because of growing up studying the Word, and applying what it means to my own life, I was prepared to have that conversation about my faith”.

She was in essence just helping her friend move one step closer to Jesus. I find that incredibly inspiring, and it reminds me that it’s up to us to look for opportunities to engage and lean into every situation that presents itself. To be ready to give a reason for the hope that we have in Christ. To truly be invested in helping everyone move one step closer to Jesus.

January has been a great month of ministry. Not only have some new Bible studies started

up, but we’ve also had some awesome Spice of Life (senior luncheon) meetings, and very large

attendance at our Thursday night Adventure Club program for 2nd - 5th graders. We also have

had the opportunity to work with students and adults dealing with significant life issues and challenges. Watching God at work in these situations is humbling and comforting as hearts

are drawn to the Lord and good life choices are made. It’s wonderful to watch people growing in their faith every week here and to know that God sees and meets the needs of His children. If you are not regularly plugged into one of the many ministries here at Campus Life, WHY NOT? There’s a place for you to belong here and we would love to have you join us. Thank you for supporting the ministry of Campus Life. We appreciate you so much and are humbled by your trust. We work diligently to be good stewards of every dollar we receive, and consider each of them and you as a blessing. Please pray for us as we continue the good fight of sharing the life changing message of Jesus Christ with the youth and families of Sheboygan County.

Serving together,

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