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Forgiveness is powerful

Fight the good fight of faith. ~1 Timothy 6:12

Dear Campus Life Friends –

WHERE DO I START? This past month has been a whirlwind of activity at Campus Life Family Ministries. God has moved in so many ways, and the excitement, direction, and passion of sharing the LIFE CHANGING message of salvation through Jesus energizes all of us. The vision and

opportunities He provides humbles and yet drives us forward into this GREAT ADVENTURE.

Recently a young man asked to meet with me. Hadn’t seen him in awhile, and actually, the last time I did see him he was really gruff. He had a bad attitude, very entitled and had a severe case of I’m the victim. Honestly I wasn’t really excited about getting together with him, but I agreed, and he showed up in my office. Well, to make a long story short - he came to apologize. I was shocked, and through some tears he told me of the challenges he was facing with mental illness, and how God had been working in his heart. And one of the important things he knew he had to do was to go back to people he had wronged and ask for forgiveness. It was humbling and yet inspiring as he talked about life moving forward - not as a victim, but as a conqueror in Christ. Please pray for my friend. He’s got a long road ahead of him, but he is REALLY on the right track. Praise God!

Weekly club programs continue strong as we approach the end of the school year. Even though the school year ends the ministry continues and actually increases throughout the summer months. We are excited and look forward to summer ministries with great anticipation. Outreach events, camping, bonfires, Bible studies, BBQ’s, Adventure Camp, Kite Festival, time in the

parks – all great opportunities to reach young and old for Christ.

PLEASE - DON’T FORGET THE AUCTION! The 2023 Campus Life LIVE Benefit Auction & Brat Fry is coming up on Thursday, June 1st at the Campus Life Family Center. The ONLINE auction will run before that from Sunday, May 21st through Thursday, May 25th. We are still looking for more new items if you would like to donate something for the auction, but we need them REALLY soon. Invite your friends, come & bid, and have a wonderful evening together. Your support is very important in helping us keep all of our ministry and outreach programs running throughout the year.

Thank you for your continued financial and prayerful support of this ministry. You are a

critical component of Campus Life. Without your help and the grace of God, Campus Life could not continue to share the love of Jesus with the youth and families of Sheboygan County. Thank you for partnering with us in this incredible journey.


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