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God's Provision

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” – Matthew 6:34

Sometimes we hear verses over and over, but we do not always think about or meditate on them until days, weeks, or months later. Jesus spoke these words during his sermon on the mount to tons of people, knowing that the people in his audience were focused on their earthly appearance and the things they did. Yet he so gently ended that portion of his speech with “do not be anxious about tomorrow.” In today’s day and age, it is so easy for us to become anxious. In a matter of minutes, we can hear about a catastrophe across the world or across the street. We are much more connected than ever because of technology, which in some cases is great to be able to talk with friends and family, but in other cases it just gives us another thing to worry about. Yet, God is gracious enough to remind us just to breathe, to take life one day at a time. God was definitely teaching me that lesson this summer.

At the beginning of summer, I found out my co-leader here at Campus Life was leaving. I was excited for his next job in ministry and to see how the Lord is growing and using him, but at the same time, I became extremely anxious. We worked together really well as a team of student ministry directors, and at that point, I had only been at Campus Life for a year and that year was during the height of covid. Life was crazy; we were in desperate need for volunteers, especially males, and I was about to start graduate school, too. So, all of the sudden there were multiple unknowns about the future. Yet I was constantly reminded that God will provide for what we need. And let me tell you God did and does provide.

So, all of the sudden there were multiple unknowns about the future. Yet I was constantly reminded that God will provide for what we need. And let me tell you God did and does provide.

Over the rest of the summer, I actually had multiple people reach out to myself or Campus Life, expressing an interest in volunteering with our youth programs. By the end of summer, we had six different people reach out wanting to volunteer. Last year we had six volunteers total (not including paid staff) between our two clubs. This year we have at least six at each club. God knew I was anxious about being in charge of running student programs by myself and not having a lot of volunteers, so he brought in many wonderful people who are intentional about investing in the lives of students. It has been a joy to watch our volunteers and how they sit down with kids and talk about life, how they are willing to pray with them, point students back to scripture, and to get to know these kids and what they are passionate about. With that, students are growing, they are being inspired and stepping up as leaders themselves and inviting their friends to clubs.

God knew just what I needed–what these students needed. He reminded me that I did not need to be anxious about my role as a leader or how many volunteers we had or how I was going to balance school and work. God is so good at gently reminding us of his presence and provision in our lives. He knows the right people and the right time to act for us. I am so thankful for that too. God has reminded me that he is in control of this ministry and that he is giving me the space to allow volunteers to grow in their leadership while I balance school and work. Honestly, it has been so fun to witness. Of course, there are always hard days and situations, but God is faithful in providing just what we need at just the right time to carry out his will. I am excited to see how God continues work in this ministry, and it is a joy to even play a part in what God is doing here at Campus Life.

Also, to our volunteers, you rock and I appreciate you all so much! God is good.

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