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Moments Beyond Measure

by Connie Mulder I have so many God moments that I hardly know where to start. Without Jesus, I would be a lost sheep in the wilderness, which is exactly what I was until He came after me. My husband and I married almost 10 years ago and sold our individual homes to buy our home together. I lived in Waukesha and Larry in Belgium. I had no intention of moving further from my four kids who were in Beloit, Madison, Menomonee Falls and Milwaukee, yet here I am in Sheboygan. I was very sad and missed them and my grandkids very much. The move was always in God’s plan even though I did not see it yet.

We searched for a church here and just were not finding a good match. We were invited to Crossroads by some dear friends on an Easter Sunday, and we both knew immediately we had found a church home. We started our new life together, but we both knew something was missing. I had a strong desire to work with the elderly, and Larry with troubled youth. My hubby had been invited to Campus Life's men’s ministry by a friend, and he had started attending every week and loved it. We were having some issues in our marriage dealing with adult children and desperately needed help. We got counseling from one of our church pastor’s and started a road back to unity. We started attending the Thursday night Bible study at Campus Life together and soon I was also attending Campus Life’s morning women’s study. We were asked to help out at Summer Charge (a camp for kids held by Campus Life) and we loved everything about it. Eventually, Larry started helping out with Campus Life’s ministry in the juvenile jail, and I started volunteering at the nursing home through the Campus Life's Senior Oasis ministry.

The more time that I spend at Campus Life, the more that I realize this was always God’s plan for me and for our marriage. I have made wonderful friends here and love helping out wherever I can. I treasure every minute studying God’s word with Jim (the executive director at Campus Life) and the amazing people here.

I could talk all day about how many times in my life Jesus carried me when I did not know it at the time. I pray that God works through me and that I allow him to in every situation to which he calls me.

My favorite Bible verse is 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8. Love is patient. Not always easy, but always necessary.

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