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No Idle Hands Here!

In September, all of our fall\winter programming launches in one busy week. It can be overwhelming and busy, but this year, our first week of ministry was incredible and was very encouraging. To show you what all went into that week and how God blessed us, I will break down what I did that week.

  • Sunday: Me and a few kids from our student leadership team had the privilege to witness and support one of our elementary schoolers get baptized!

  • Monday: I got to teach 33 high school students at Impact about Esther and how they can use their current status, good or bad, to honor God.

  • Tuesday: I got to lead my middle schoolers in our first Bible study of the year where we reflected on where we want to grow and how we're going to do that. We also dove into a new study on Identity: Who we are in God’s eyes. On Tuesday I also got to teach 25 middle school students at Roots about Esther and how they can use their current status for God.

  • Wednesday: I got to help with Spice of Life by talking with our senior adults as well as leading the student leaders that help serve these men and women.

  • Thursday: We had our first Student Leadership meeting and got to unveil our new logo and title, E3-Encourage, Equip, Empower. We also had 33 kids come to Adventure Club that night, in which about 10 were brand new to club.

I say none of this to get recognition for what I do, or any of us staff at Campus Life. I say this all to THANK YOU! First of all, thank you to our God who oversees, runs, and blesses this ministry. Without Him, our “ministry” would be futile and ineffective. However, I see God’s blessings showering us, and I know that He is for this ministry. Secondly, thank you all for your continued prayers for volunteers, clubs, and other ministries happening here at Campus Life. We could not do it without you!

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