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Prayer Changes Things

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” ~James 5:16b NIV

Dear Campus Life Friends –

It was a humbling experience as I watched 20+ guys from one of our Bible studies, gather around a brother in the Lord, laying hands on him and praying for his healing. Our friend has been battling cancer for many years. Some days are better than others, but not that day. We

believe in the power of prayer, and so we prayed together, as a band of brothers united in Christ for our friend. It kind of reminded me of the four guys who brought their paralyzed friend to see Jesus, and after not being able to get through the door, opened up part of the roof and lowered him in. Men don’t always show their emotions, but that day there were certainly many eyes with tears. Prayer changes things.

And then there’s the group of kids in juvi. jail, that did the exact same thing, praying for one

of our volunteers who’s going through a tough time. Wow, imagine that. Our volunteers go in

to minister and pray with the incarcerated youth, and the kids end up praying for them. PRAISE GOD! Prayer changes things. It’s easy to say, but is sometimes hard to do. Do you believe that prayer changes things? Do you REALLY believe, and are you praying? It all starts with prayer, and it doesn’t matter where you are - in a Bible study, or in jail.

We are off to a great start with our school year programs. Staff, volunteers, students and adults are all getting acclimated to the new routine. It’s great! We are so excited to see how God will use all of the efforts each week to bring people closer to Him. Step by step, lesson by lesson,

interaction by interaction, all in an effort to help people move one step closer to Jesus - and it’s working. Lives are being changed.

Where are you involved? Where are you making a difference? We have Bible studies for people of almost any age, and there are programs for kids from 2nd grade through high school. We also have wonderful programs for adults and senior adults, and strategic serving and volunteering

opportunities. There’s a place for you to get involved. We need volunteers at all levels of

ministry. You can be a part of something really special. We would love to chat with you about some awesome opportunities.

You are such an important part of this ministry in so many ways. Your continued prayers and generosity allow us to be on the front lines daily, sharing the good news of salvation in Christ Jesus. October is traditionally a rather financially challenging month, so please don’t forget us. We really need you, appreciate you, and never take you for granted. You are a blessing to us

and we always thank you for being there for us.

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