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The Potter & The Clay

by Jenna Zelm It all started when I was a senior in high school. I had been a student at Campus Life for about 6 years, coming on and off to clubs, and for part of that time I was a volunteer leader at our summer day camps. During one of those camps the summer before my senior year, Denise Green, the Ministry Director, mentioned that they wanted to start a leadership team of students. For quite some time I had felt God challenging me to really grow in my faith, so I leapt at this opportunity: “Can I join!?” Luckily, Denise said, “Yes.”

That year I was discipled by the Campus Life ministry team, including student ministry directors Mark Robinson and Sara-Jean Litke, Executive Director Jim Green, and Denise. I learned how to pray, share my testimony, teach a bible lesson, and make my faith my own. That set my feet upon a positive path and lit a desire to continue to grow in my faith as I headed off to college. At university, I intended to become a physical education teacher, but God had other plans for me. Just one month into my freshman year of college and I had to reach out; I asked Jim and Denise if I could be an intern the following summer at Campus Life. Interning at Campus Life that next summer opened up my eyes to God’s plan for me to join the ministry, and I’ve only ever looked back to marvel at how he ordered things in his perfect timing.

One summer internship at Campus Life ended up turning into three, changing my major in college, and choosing to go into ministry full time. By saying yes to following God that one day after camp, it set me on a path to grow in my relationship with him during college to prepare me for my job now as a Campus Life student ministry director. I never would have known that by asking to be part of the leadership team in high school, God would change my heart and desires so that I would work in youth ministry.

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