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Women of the Word

by Lexi Green Cereal taste-testing, deep-question of the day, and an explosive group-chat? What kind of Bible study is this? Answer – the very best kind! My name is Lexi Green, and I’ve had the privilege of leading the High School Girl’s Bible Study here at Campus Life for the past few years, and I am always amazed at how God moves during our time together. Since September, we have studied the names of God found throughout scripture, learned how to study the Bible during our own personal time in the Word, dug into the importance of the Advent season, and – most importantly – grew together in our love for the Lord. My goal during our Bible Study has always been to let God lead our discussions and help these young women discover how God can transform their lives. When I asked the girls to give candid feedback on what we had been studying and what they would like to focus on going forward, one of the first responses was, “Can we spend time learning how to study the Bible ourselves? When I read the Bible by myself, I don’t always know what to do besides just reading it.” I loved this suggestion! So the following semester, we walked through Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin, and learned about the importance of understanding context, how to dig into difficult passages, and why prayer is imperative when reading scripture.

These girls jumped right in and I could see God pushing each of them during this study. Some of them started studying the book of Leviticus during this time even though they were intimidated by it. They even started at the same time so they could encourage each other. This is the growth we love to see!

Another area of growth I saw was in prayer. Instead of opening it up for general prayer requests at the end of our study each week, we would go around and share a Prayer, Praise, and Growth, meaning one prayer request, one praise, and one area of the spiritual life where they would like to grow in. The purpose was to turn our mind away from just asking God for things, and instead realizing how He has been working in our lives and how He is convicting each of us to grow. This was a powerful time where we could have further insight into each other’s lives and lift one another up in prayer. These students are not just in Bible study together, they are also friends. I’m a firm believer that studying the Word together is a huge component in building Christ-centered friendships, so I love watching these girls support one another in their walks as they pray together and serve side-by-side at Campus Life and in their community. We’ve spent many days talking about how to build Godly friendships, and I love how God has strengthened these friendships during this time. Though we are done with our Bible Study for the current school year, I am excited to see what the Lord has planned for each of the girls and look forward to next year’s study.

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