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Turn the Corner

The angel said to the women, 'Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.  ~Matt. 28:5-6


Dear Campus Life Friends –


You know, the slang that kids use these days has me puzzled most of the time.  That was “slappin”. What’s the “tea”?  That was “bussin”. Sometimes I don’t have a clue what they’re saying.  I guess that’s why we hire younger staff and recruit young volunteers.  But there’s an older slang expression that I totally understand and you probably do too.  It’s “turn the corner”, and we have seen some awesome examples of this recently.  Greg (not his real name) was a kid we visited in jail. A few weeks ago one of our volunteers bumped into him in the youth group at his church.  The kid told his friend that our volunteer was instrumental in him coming to faith in Christ.  I think he’s turned the corner.  Or the girl from juvi. jail who now regularly attends another area youth group and is bringing her friends.  I think she’s turned the corner.  Or maybe it’s the times we call in to juvi. jail and find out that there are NO girls currently incarcerated.  Maybe some of them have turned the corner. How about the couple who were on the brink of divorce, but have both humbled themselves before God.  Their marriage has definitely turned the corner.  Or how about the elderly gentleman who is nearing the end, but now has confidence in his faith in Jesus, and is at peace.  He’s turned the corner also.  So many ways that God is at work.  So many opportunities to help people move one step closer to Jesus.  It’s been a REALLY good month of ministry at Campus Life.  Oh yes, we also had 520 dads and daughters attend the 14th annual Campus Life Father Daughter Ball.  That was really exciting.  Maybe some of them have turned the corner in their relationship.  We certainly hope and pray so.  Thank you to everyone who helps keep ALL of these ministries and outreaches possible.  We thank God for you all the time.


February was good but there are many great things happening here throughout the month of March as well.  Club programs and Bible studies continue strong.  Senior Lunch Bunch and Senior Connect are both very well attended and are a blessing to many.  Juvenile jail outreach continues to grow and assisted living outreaches are expanding.  Also, the Great Campus Life Easter

Egg Hunt is only weeks away (yes, Easter falls in March this year).  We estimate about

150 children will be participating, along with their parents/grandparents.  What a great

opportunity to share the Good News of Easter with the community.  Please pray for good weather as this is an outdoor event, rain or shine.


Even though we have a lot of great things happening, March is historically a very tough month for us from a financial standpoint.  Actually, January and February were rather

tough also.  We need your help.  Your prayers and donations are important and they are

appreciated.  Thank you for being a part of this with us.  We are a front-line ministry

working daily to help people move one step closer to Jesus.  May God bless all of you as

you have been, and are, a blessing to the ministry of Campus Life.


     Happy Easter, 

Please pray for our

Chicago mission team, March 18-22.


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